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HI764 Nitrite ULR

HI764 Nitrite ULR


Who are we?

Who are we is an online family company who started in 2007, we have 10 years experience in aquarium keeping. It all started with a 10 gallon aquarium in the attic and over the years grown to a complete cichlid nursery. In 2005 we got infected by the marine water virus which resulted in a 300 gallon marine tank.

Web shop
In 2007 the web shop started and is grown over the years to one of the most important web shops in the Netherlands. We are known for our service which exceeds the normal shop service. High quality of the offered articles and low delivery time is our trade mark. We have customers over the whole of Europe and because we import a lot of the equipment by our self we can keep the prices low (no wholesale in between).

We offer support by setting up new aquariums, online advise by maintenance and problems.