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Fauna Marin Ultra min F 100ml

Ultra min F 100ml
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Fauna Marin Ultra min F 100ml

An ultra fine food for Gorgonias, Sponges, non-photosynthetic corals and all kinds of filter feeders. The ideal food for small fishes and plankton feeders. Due to the special surface structure and the well balanced ingredients Ultra Min F will easily be taken up by corals, sponges and gorgonias.

Dosing recommendation: Dose several times per day one pinch per 1000 L

Ultra Min F Contents:

- Allium-extract ("Antiparasitica","flavours")

- Solanaceae powder ("Beta Carotin")

- Microalgae ("Astaxanthin", "Canthaxanthin", "Lutein", "Iodine", Spirulina)

- Fischoil ("Thymus extract")

- Yeast powder ("Beta Glucane")

Contents: per 1000 gr.

- protein 55%

- fat 14%

- fiber 3,3%

- ash 8%

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