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HI713 Phosphate LR

HI713 Phosphate LR


Aqua Illumination Sol controller

Sol controller
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Aqua Illumination Sol controller

The AI Controller gives you a way to automate the operation of your new lighting module to perform everything you want it to, from basic on/off timer functions to simulating thunderstorms and lunar cycles.

  • Auto or Manual: Auto Mode lets you set timers and ramp periods. Manual Mode turns off all timers and lets you control everything. You choose.

  • Extensive Control: The AI Controller allows you to set up to 14 independent timers to determine desired light intensities at any given time of day or night. The Ramp Period option within the timers lets you set how many minutes it takes for your LED lights to arrive at your desired intensities; it can change fast or over a designated period of time.

  • Lunar Lighting: Without even having to schedule appropriate lunar cycles, the AI Controller changes the lighting based off of the lunar cycle on its own. Once you set the clock within the Controller, it will change intensities according to the moon’s phases.

  • Thunderstorms The AI Controller allows you to create the exciting experience of thunderstorms in your aquarium. You can either set a percentage chance of thunderstorms per day, or even choose the number of storms you would like per day (1-5). Once a storm begins, lightning flashes will occur at different intensities and rates for up to 30 minutes.

  • Upgradeability We’ll update the firmware in your controller from time to time to improve current functions or add new features. The model features a USB port for firmware upgrades, providing you quick and easy access to the latest features.
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