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D-D Aquarium Solutions ROWAphos 1000ml

ROWAphos 1000ml
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D-D Aquarium Solutions ROWAphos 1000ml

ROWA®phos is a completely new filter material for eliminating phosphate, which was developed by the Weil Industrieanlagen GmbH company in Osnabrück, Germany.

Due to its unique chemistry, it has the ability to bind large quantities of phosphate by adsorption to its surface without negatively influencing the water in the aquarium in any way.

ROWAphos is the most effective phosphate remover on the market today.

It is widely used in Europe and is now finding success in the United States.

ROWAphos was developed in Germany to reduce Phosphates in the Main Water Supply. It is being used in lakes and ponds and has been refined for the Aquarium Market.

ROWAphos will not only remove phosphates but will never release them back into the system.

Advantages of using ROWAPHOS Phosphate Absorbent:


  • Extremely high binding capacity

  • Needs very little room in the filter system

  • Simple Handling

  • No influence on pH

  • Does not release toxic substances back into the aquarium when exhausted

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