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Reef Interests ReefPearls 5-200 Ám 80gr (PO4 free)

ReefPearls 5-200 Ám 80gr (PO4 free)
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Reef Interests ReefPearls 5-200 Ám 80gr (PO4 free)

They have a neutral buoyancy, high nutritional value and low levels of inorganic phosphates.

Reefpearls contain microencapsulated particles which are stable for 4-24 hours in the watercolom and have a low leakage of nutrients, thus floating around for a long time and allowing a long feeding time for your animals. Reefpearls consists of a mixture of different pellet sizes, ranging from 5-200 µm (microns), that is mimicking the natural sizes of plankton. They can simply be dosed by using a automated fish feeder.

Reefpearls contain the essential levels of phosphates, however, in contrast to most other feeds, these phosphates are in an organic form (attached to proteins and DNA) instead of inorganic phosphates (PO4) . This will result in lower pollution of your tank and better uptake of this essential element by your corals and other filterfeeders.

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