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Shin Mao Reef Tank 60 type 3

Reef Tank 60 type 3
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Shin Mao Reef Tank 60 type 3

The Shin Mao Reef-tank is the special and initiating production with Rain-Tray filter system, ideal for saltwater and freshwater. Providing a natural environment for aquarium. Including lighting system, build-in protein skimmer, Rain-Tray filtration design. Biological filtration cultivates more bio micro-organism, make our Reef-tank have a self-cleaning function. Owing to increasing air contact accelerate bio micro-organism breeding, give full play to illuminate organic compound material in the water.


  • Increasing air contact; raising more oxygen in the water.

  • Providing a natural environment for breeding bio micro organism.

  • Cooling water temperature; Possessing radiation effect.


  • Dimentions:60cm x 45cm x 42cm (17.8" x 17.8" x 16.5")

  • Illumination: 3x PL36W (1x Daylight 10000K, 2x Actinic blue)

  • Skimmer - SVP-50

  • Powerhead: 800l/u

  • 3 powerplugs

  • Moonlight

  • Available in black and silver

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