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Reef Interests PO4x4 Regeneration Salt 500gr

PO4x4 Regeneration Salt 500gr
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Reef Interests PO4x4 Regeneration Salt 500gr

To regenerate 250 ml of PO4X4 , slowly dissolve, in small steps, 150 gram / 5,3oz of regeneration powder in 4L / 1 gallon of water. After dissolving the powder, add your PO4X4 pellets and incubate at room temperature for 24 hours in a closed bucket. Subsequently, wash the pellets thoroughly (5-10 times) in a large volume of phosphate free water until the effluent has a pH of approximately 8. The pellets are now ready to use for seawater aquaria. For fresh water an additional wash step with 20 gram / 0,7oz Salt in 1L / 0,25 gallon of water is required to lower the pH to approximately 7. Incubate the pellets for 2 hours at room temperature and subsequently wash 5 times with large volumes of phosphate free water.

Important: The regeneration solution contains corrosive compounds and we advice to handle with care and wear protective clothing at all time, such as rubber gloves and goggles.

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