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Fauna Marin Aqua Science T5 Duo 50/50 54W

Aqua Science T5 Duo 50/50 54W
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Fauna Marin Aqua Science T5 Duo 50/50 54W

This new developed high performance T5 tube with very powerful and stabil blue-white spectrum closes the gap between the AS Special and the AS Blue. This new tube represents the last state in development of suitable illuminants for colorful corals. Due to its inimitable combination of high-quality phosphors, a broadly based and stable spectrum could have been created. It is exact the right light for friends of great colors and slightly blue lightning. AS DUO can be used alone or in combination with AS Special or Blue.

  • Helder licht 

  • 54 Watt

  • 16.500 K

  • Lengte: 1149 mm

  • Ø 16 mm

  • Made In Germany

T5 buizen worden niet (meer) verstuurd, alleen afhalen in Purmerend

5 tot 10 werkdagen 5 tot 10 werkdagen levertijd

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